How to Take Care of Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

How to Take Care of Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

How to Take Care of Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

How to Take Care of Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

How to Take Care of Your Eyes After LASIK Surgery

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a common way to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It can significantly improve vision, but it is crucial to take care of your eyes afterward. That will ensure a speedy recovery and the best results.


Observe the Eye Doctor's Postsurgical Instructions

It is essential to strictly adhere to the postoperative instructions given to you by your eye surgeon. They will probably include eye drops, exercises, and other postoperative care guidelines. Following the procedure, your surgeon will give you specific instructions on what you can and cannot do. It is crucial that you carefully abide by these instructions to prevent complications.


Inform Your Surgeon of Any Concerns

Following LASIK surgery, you must notify your surgeon as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms or concerns. These could include swelling, extreme discomfort, redness, or vision changes. Early intervention can help avoid complications and guarantee the best outcome.


Use Eye Drops As Directed

To encourage healing and reduce inflammation, your doctor may advise you to use eye drops for a few days. It is best to follow the instructions carefully. Avoid using any additional eye drops without first consulting your eye doctor.


Do Not Rub Your Eyes

After LASIK surgery, it is crucial not to rub your eyes. Doing so can hinder the healing process and raise the risk of infection. Instead, gently wipe your eyes with a damp cloth if necessary.


Avoid Strenuous Exercise

After the procedure, resting from demanding activities like heavy lifting for at least a week is best. Excessive eye movement can hinder healing and raise the possibility of complications.


Wear Safety Glasses

Your eye doctor might advise wearing protective eyewear such as sunglasses. The aim is to protect your eyes from wind, dust, and other environmental factors. Safety eyewear can shield your eyes while they heal and lessen the irritation.


Avoid Contact With Water

It is best to refrain from engaging in water activities like swimming for at least a week following the procedure. Your eyes will heal properly and remain protected from infection if you do.


Reduce Screen Time

After LASIK surgery, it is crucial to keep screen time to a minimum. That is because prolonged use of electronic devices can dry out your eyes and strain them. Take frequent breaks while using a computer or other digital devices. It would help to use artificial tears to keep your eyes moist.


Avoid Using Contact Lenses and Makeup

For at least a week after the procedure, you must refrain from wearing makeup and contact lenses to lower the risk of infection. Your eye doctor will give you specific instructions on when to resume these activities.


Attend Subsequent Appointments

Your eye doctor will want to track your progress and ensure your eyes are healing properly. So, you must attend all your scheduled follow-up appointments. Depending on how you are doing, your eye doctor may change your treatment plan as necessary.



Although LASIK surgery can significantly improve vision, it is crucial to take care of your eyes afterward to ensure a speedy recovery and the best results. Following your surgeon's postoperative instructions and taking precautions to protect your eyes will help ensure a quick and successful recovery.

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